• Forrest Wood Cup

    Forrest Wood Cup

    The biggest prize in Professional Bass Fishing is the Forrest Wood Cup, and Digital P Media produces the television coverage for NBC.

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  • Pergo Flooring – Floor Prep

    Pergo Flooring

    We created an 11-part web series detailing everything you need to know about installing a new Pergo floor.

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  • Diet MT Dew

    Diet MT Dew

    We produced this feature about the life of professional angler Jason Christie for Diet Mt Dew’s social media outlets and aired a :30 cut on national TV.

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  • Project Phoenix

    Project Phoenix

    We shot this in a documentary style to produce a heartwarming look at a successful program that is lifting up communities in Cary, NC.

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  • Nomacorc by the numbers

    Nomacorc by the numbers

    Numbers and facts are fun to play with and animate, and that’s what we did for Nomacorc, the leading manufacturer of alternative wine closures.

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